Migdalin was the name of a character in one of Jim's books. The book currently sits on an otherwise unused corner of our local hard drive, and is unlikely to emerge into the wider world any time soon. But the character name remains a favorite, and it was much easier to get a domain called than it was to get one called

Gragthor Terrazin is our private publishing house, the name again chosen because it was unlikely to collide with any existing company names.

Jim Adam works full time as a software engineer. On several occasions in the past he has taken time off from work to pursue writing.

"Don't waste your time getting an advanced degree in creative writing," he tells us. "Save your money and spend it on a professional editor who will give you feedback tailored to your strengths and weaknesses. You'll learn ten times more that way."

We have an author page on And another on Goodreads. On Twitter we are Migdalin, and encourage the use of hashtag #5xMJ for the Five Times More Jesus discussion.