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The Old Testament as a Public Relations Disaster

Christian minister and author Robin Meyers says the church is in need of a new reformation (Saving Jesus from the Church).

Diana Butler Bass’s book Christianity After Religion: The End of Church and the Birth of a New Spiritual Awakening foments revolution even in the title.

Brian D. McLaren writes about A New Kind of Christianity, while former Episcopal bishop John Shelby Spong says the reformation needed in today’s Christianity would make the original reformation look like a tea party by comparison (Why Christianity Must Change or Die).

If a major change is needed, tweaking the Statement of Faith yet again isn’t the answer. If Christianity truly wants to change, if it wants to be seen as the kinder, gentler religion, it needs to begin by changing its Constitution: the Bible. So long as the church defines itself using the Old Testament, Christianity will be tainted by the violence, bigotry, and superstition associated with that book (see for example, The Immoral Bible, by Eryl W. Davies).


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