Favorite Links


  • I'm a big believer in professional editorial support. I've only ever worked with The Editorial Department, but they are awesome! They've helped me with both fiction and non-fiction projects. I've worked with probably half-a-dozen different editors there, and I've never been disappointed in the feedback they gave.
  • If you write science fiction, fantasy, or horror, is an online writer's workshop that's well managed, and will give you the chance to write some honest reviews of other people's work, while receiving honest reviews of your own writing.
  • Jane Friedman, previously the publisher of Writer's Digest, has a lot of writer's resources on her website.


  • I've used Book Cover Express on three projects, and it's always been a pleasurable experience resulting in outstanding book covers.


Even if you get published the traditional way, one of the first questions your agent and/or publisher is going to ask you is, how are you going to promote your book. For most books, the promotional benefits are almost non-existent of having a traditional publisher behind you. In any event, here are some of the promotional sites I've discovered so far.